CIN - u40109ka2004sgc035177 PAN - AACCC6636P GSTIN - 29AACCC6636P1Z1


Incentive Benefits

  1. Incentive for Prompt Payment / Advance Payment: An incentive at the rate of 0.25% of such bill shall be given to the following Consumers by way of adjustment in the subsequent months bill: (i) In all cases of payment through ECS. (ii) And in the case of monthly bills exceeding Rs.1,00,000/- (Rs. one lakh), if the payment is made 10 days in advance of the due date. (iii) Advance Payment exceeding Rs1000/-made by the Consumers towards monthly bills
  2. Solar Rebate: A rebate of 50Paise per unit of electricity consumed subject to a maximum of Rs. 50/- per installation per month will be allowed to Tariff schedule LT 2(a), if solar water heaters are installed and used. Where Bulk Solar Water Heater System is installed, Solar Water Heater rebate shall be allowed to each of the individual installations, provided that, the capacity of Solar Water Heater in such apartment / group housing shall be a minimum capacity of 100 Ltr. per household.
  3. A rebate of 25 Paise per unit will be given for the House/ School/Hostels meant for Handicapped, Aged, Destitute and Orphans, Rehabilitation Centres under Tariff schedule LT 2(a).
  4. A rebate of 20% on fixed charges and energy charges will be allowed in the monthly bill in respect of public Telephone booths having STD/ISD/ FAX facility run by handicapped people, under Tariff schedule LT 3.
  5. A rebate of 2 paise per unit will be allowed if capacitors are installed as per Clause 23 of Conditions of Supply of Electricity of the Distribution Licensees in the State of Karnataka in respect of all metered IP Set Installations.