CIN - u40109ka2004sgc035177 PAN - AACCC6636P GSTIN - 29AACCC6636P1Z1


Title Created On Category File
Vehicle Tender cancellation order (Lot 4) for Madikeri District. cys214 21.06.2014 12/11/2015 Vehicle LOT-4-cancellation-order-0.pdf
Availing the service of vehicle from new service provider. cys215 21.06.2014 12/11/2015 Vehicle For-taking-new-vehicles.pdf
Vehicle Tender cancellation order (Lot 3) for Chamarajanagara District. cys213 21.06.2014 12/11/2015 Vehicle LOT-3-cancellation-order.pdf
Vehicle Tender cancellation order (Lot 1) for Mysore District. cys212 21.06.2014 12/11/2015 Vehicle LOT-1-cancellation-order.pdf
Cancellation of Tender process of Man power. 3792-806 18.06.2014 12/11/2015 Admin manpower1.pdf
Circular Regarding Promotions dated 18-6-2014. cys189 18.06.2014 12/11/2015 promotions Promotion.pdf
Regarding Proper coding of 11 KV feeders. cys186 17.06.2014 12/11/2015 Technical 11kV-proper-coding.xlsx
Circular regarding General Transfer (16 jun 2014). cys184 16.06.2014 12/11/2015 Transfer GeneralTransfer2014.pdf
Format: Furnishing the Details of Meter code 12/11/2015 Technical Meter-Reader-code-format.xls
MEMO: regarding Repair center at Taluk level. cys157 04.06.2014 12/11/2015 Technical MEMOREpaircenterattaluk.pdf
OM: Issue of workorders for the year 2014-15-Reg. cys171 11.06.2014 12/11/2015 Technical OMworkorder.pdf
Circular:Furnishing the details of LIneman. cys177 12.06.2014 12/11/2015 Technical 20140612152931060.pdf
Regarding HIgh Interruption Feeder maintainence (About most stage-wait due to the 11 KV Feeder of management). cys139 30.05.2014 12/11/2015 Technical Interruption-letter.pdf
Circular Regarding transfer/promotions in CESC Jurisdiction. cys141 12/11/2015 Transfer Circular-Transfers-cys141.pdf
Archives (up to 30-Apr-2014) 12/11/2015 Archive
Renewal of Group Insurance of Maintainance staff. cys138 29.05.2014 12/11/2015 Admin Ins.Renewal.pdf
ISD to be collected in respect of new connections based on the KERC (Security Deposit) Regulations 2007 12/11/2015 Technical
Agreement for Vehicle - Lot-1 Mysore 12/11/2015 Vehicle
Agreement for vehicle - Chamarajanagar 12/11/2015 Vehicle
Agreement for vehicle - Hassan Cirlce. 12/11/2015 Vehicle